Digital transformation makes many changes in our daily life. It changes the organization, public sectors, private sectors, enterprises how they operate. It brings changes in leadership, innovative thinking, new product ideas, and new business models. Digital transformation involves modern technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Block chain, IOT, Cloud, Big data analytics, Data science, Web 4.0, Mobility, 5G, Social media, 3D printing, Autonomous vehicles, Wireless charging, Nano technology and Quantum theory. DigiTran Solutions provides development support for new products based on Digital Transformation technologies.


Digital Transformation Products

DigiTran Solutions is working on the following Digital Transformation technologies:

Digital manufacturing using AI, IIOT, 3D printing

Digital logistics using robots and drones

ERP solutions using Cloud, Big data analytics, data science

Digital health using AR, VR and Computer Vision

Smart supply chains using Block chain, Web4.0

Digital personalization using Android, IOS, Social media Smart networking using 5G


DigiTran Solutions has committed to the customers to provide development, testing of Digital Transformation based products. Some of the products are listed below:

Recommender system (AI, Big data based solution)

Energy Prediction (AI, IOT, Cloud based solution)

Intelligent Test System (AI based automated testing solution)

Floor Cleaning Robot (AI, IOT, Cloud based solution)